Bushrangers win Hills thriller [video]

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Forecast as one of the games of the season, the anticipated clash between the Parkerville Bushrangers and the Chidlow Cougars lived up to the hype, and more.

The Cougars have been tracking the Freo Dockers this season, remaining undefeated and gaining more confidence, momentum and team understanding with every scalp they take.


Parky have threatened the other two HFA premiership contenders, including a nail-biter, away to the Pickering Brook Hawks, going down only at the very end by a kick on the siren. They are a fast and fiercely competitive unit playing with a growing confidence.

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From the opening bounce the Cougars had the best of it, calmly controlling possession across their half forward line and handling the ball deftly. The game seemed to be unfolding along a familiar plot line.

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For all their forward half possession the Cougars couldn’t find the scoreboard beyond a couple of points. Meanwhile the Bushrangers refused to play their part in the Cougars fairytale and upped the ante, launching a ‘blitzkrieg’ that scored directly for two consecutive goals, and then a third.


Cougars fans (and players) were stunned, they had a measly 2 points on the board against the Bushrangers three goals straight (18 points) by midway through the first quarter. The vocal crowd of supporters knew they were in for a good game.

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The Cougars steadied late to wrestle back three goals. They went to the first change still trailing the Bushrangers by 5 points.

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Both teams were showing good skills, putting together smooth passages of play and some great individual moments to thrill the crowd. But it was the Bushrangers who were ascendant and the Cougars were fighting to stay within reach.

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At the main change the Cougars were still trailing, now by a widened margin of 21 points. The Bushrangers were showing no signs of slowing up. Still, Cougars fans believed it was a only a matter of time.

In the hard fought third quarter the Cougars found their mojo and surged. The McKinlay brothers were shifted centre for the bounce for immediate effect. Momentum shifted the Cougars way, they were now playing with passion and a fire in the belly. Chidlow looked like they remembered they are the 2014 Premiers, undefeated this season. Now it was the Bushrangers time to worry.


But Parky held their nerve. Chidlow had closed the gap by three quarter time, but they still trailed the Bushrangers by 9 points.

The high drama of the final act saw the Cougars out of the blocks fast and the comeback seemed on. Sweeping wide to the wings, switching through the centre before penetrating the forward fifty wide through the flanks, the Cougars coolly stretched the fabric of the Bushranger’s defence. Two quick goals were quickly on the board and Chidlow had snatched the lead for the first time in the game. It looked as if the game was in the bag.

The Bushrangers weren’t buying it. In a desperate contest they now rebuffed every Cougar attack, reloading to punish Chidlow on the scoreboard and retake the lead. Bushrangers held out to win by 19 points and a great season boosting victory. Hills footy fans will not want to miss the next time they match up.

Parkerville 16.12 (108) d. Chidlow 13.11 (89)


In other HFA matches;

Bullsbrook 15.15 (105) d. Gidgegannup 8.5 (53)

Pickering Brook 12.13 (85) d. Mundaring 10.8 (68)


HFA Ladder


* Scores are reported from the scoreboard on the day.








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