Photography: ‘Land’ by Sturt Jasher

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West Australian photographer Sturt Jasher is exhibiting some of his landscape photographic work in York in March.

What’s the link to the Hills? ‘Well, you could enjoy a nice drive through the Hills (or from the Hills) to York for a pleasant day out’, says Sturt.

Fair enough.

Sturt’s exhibition ‘Land’ will run from 5th to 30th of March from Wednesday to Sunday. Opening hours are 10:00am –  4:00pm at The York Mill Gallery. 

My photography is shaped by an attention to detail and an appreciation for the broader atmosphere of a setting. The aim I have for my landscapes is to reproduce what I feel is an accurate representation of the scene with both its appearance and its vibe.

You can preview some of Sturt’s work here:

York Mill Gallery:

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