parkerville fire: western power could be responsible

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Compared to other fire disasters, Western Power managed to blame an 82 year old resident for the Parkerville fire that destroyed 56 homes, in record time.

However, the West Australian newspaper is reporting Western Power may have jumped the gun, as it could be the energy provider themselves that are responsible for the infrastructure that failed.

“Energy Safety guidelines issued to private landowners say they are responsible for power equipment such as poles and wires “after the meter”.

On the day of the fire, Western power announced the cause of the fire was a private pole failure that was the responsibility of a private resident, by Tuesday the government regulator Energy Safety made it official.

Western Power were today providing a more familiar response.

“Western Power declined to comment, saying the Parkerville fire was under investigation and it would be inappropriate to respond”

“It seems to be agreed that the pole with the meter fell over and caused the fire,” Mr Banks-Smith said.


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  1. Power Poles – who should maintain them? If you are a customer of the Water Corporation – they maintain their system up to your water meter.

    Western Power should do the same thing – maintain all wires and poles up to your power meter. Then the system could be kept in a reliable condition by experts and there would be less chance of a fire caused by faulty electrical equipment, because the average person does not know and can’t be expected to know, much about such things, it requires an expert with the know-how.

    We should press the goverment and opposition to change the law to make this happen.

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