Alban: Government to cover clean up cost


Frank Alban with Colin Barnett

Frank Alban with Colin Barnett

 “We have heard tales of bravery and courage, and have been reminded of just how strong our communities can be. My thoughts and prayers are with those members of our community who have been impacted”

Frank Alban MLA

Hills MLA Frank Alban announced a joint funding funding package today, between the state and federal governments, that will meet the costs of property clean up in the aftermath of  the Parkerville – Stoneville fire.

 “This is a great example of our State and Federal Governments responding so promptly to the needs of these devastated communities,” Mr Alban said.

“This funding will directly assist residents with some of the financial costs of the fire, assist the recovery process, and address the safety risks, such as poisons and asbestos, that exist in such a clean-up.”

Residents wishing to access this assistance should register their interest with the Shire of Mundaring, who will assist them with the necessary arrangements.


  1. I wonder what value the 50 odd ACTIVE members of the recently decommissioned Bassendean Volunteer Fire Brigade by this most incompetent government in history , would have made during this disaster.
    What do you think, Colin, Joe and Frank. Keep blaming everyone else.

  2. Relies in the fire says:

    Onya Frank!!

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