56 homes destroyed


Image: Josh Tucker

Residents are expected to be offered an escorted tour of their properties within the fire ground today.

DFES have confirmed fifty two houses have been destroyed.

386 hectares (953 acres) have been burned out.

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Fire shape/ map Monday afternoon

“We are working as quickly as we can to allow people to have access back to their homes, but we must make sure the area is safe before we allow people to return into the area, that is our primary concern”

                                                         DFES Commissioner Wayne Gregson

Insurers have declared the Hills area a ‘Catastrophe Zone’ and have committed to escalate and prioritise claims.

Residents can call the Insurance Council’s disaster hotline on 1800 734 621.

A community meeting is scheduled for 10:00am Tuesday at Brown Park, Swan View.

Parkerville Fire Relief Fund


Brown Park Recreation Centre, Salisbury Road Swan View

_DSC2843 firey 1

Picture: Josh Tucker

Picture: Josh Tucker

Picture: Josh Tucker

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