fire residents frustrated at lack of information


Premier Colin Barnett at the Brown Park meeting

Some residents affected by the Parkerville – Stoneville fire voiced frustration, some walking out of an information meeting held at Brown Park in Swan View this morning.

“There has been nothing told to us here that we did not already know last night,” said one resident who did not want to be named.


Residents pack the Brown Park Hall in Swan View

“We know our house has survived – because one of our neigbours snuck in to look for himself. But most of our neighbours houses are gone, including his. My heart goes out to them. If we can give them any support our door is open.”

One home owner, “Rod”*, undertook his own investigation, circumventing the blockade to discover the home he had spent the last 4 years building utterly destroyed.

“I have nothing,” he said.

“Rod”* was able to inspect the immediate area around his home and inform his neighbours on the state of their properties.

The official number of houses destroyed is now 46.


*Rod is not his real name.




  1. gutters says:

    I cleared my gutters (again) at the first sign of smoke. I’m waiting to get back to my house but I have heard it survived.

    We’re damn lucky and we know it. We understand most of our neighbours houses are gone. They were all as well prepared as possible. They need our help NOW.

    As usual the fireys risk everything and give their all while the pollies pop in to take the credit and apportion the blame.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about Joe. Best shove a sock in it.

  2. So, Joe Francis is laying blame with Hills people who cleared their gutters ahead of the fire eh?

    It’s the sort of thing that has to be done pretty much every day up here Joe. People up here are actually pretty well prepared. Our lives depend on it.

    Nice one Joe. Not so quick to get stuck into western power when they spark up are you?

    Thanks for your compassion. A-hoLe

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