DFES: 27 homes confirmed lost in hills fire disaster

IMG_2384UPDATE: 8:40am

DFES: 44 homes now confirmed destroyed.

Information meeting scheduled for 10:00am at Brown Park, Salisbury Rd., Swan View.

Brown Park

Fire contained – not yet under control

DFES have announced 27 homes have been confirmed destroyed.

650 hectares (1600 acres) confirmed burned.

At a meeting earlier today residents were told they will be notified personally if their homes have been lost or damaged.

Residents will not be allowed to return to their homes or the affected areas until further notice.

Roads closed include:

  • Keane Street & Alice Road in Mount Helena
  • Kintore Road & Riley Road in Parkerville
  • Granite Road & Richardson Road in Parkerville
  • Stoneville Road & Breckler Road in Mundaring
  • Princess Street & Cook Street in Mount Helena
  • Stoneville Road & Malumba Road in Stoneville
  • Stoneville Road & Prosperity Road in Stoneville
  • Riley Road & Sexton Road in Mount Helena
  • Alice Road & Prosperity Road in Mount Helena

Evacuation points remain open at Mundaring Recreation Ground and Brown Park, Swan view.



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