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PHOTO: Manuel Goria/ manolophotography.com.au

Pictures: Manuel Goria/ manolophotography.com.au

Dylan King claimed outright victory on his home patch when he won the WARC Safari Rally in the Mundaring Hills. Although the Glen Forrest 19 year old started the Safari Rally 24 points behind state championship leader Leigh Hynes – it remained mathematically possible for King to claim the WARC title – if Hynes finished outside the top eight.


Dylan King PHOTO: Manuel Goria/ manolophotography.com.au

The Carrington Signs Safari Rally is considered the toughest event of the season with good reason. The ruts and rocks of the demanding Hills tracks take their toll on cars and crew – and even by the early stages, crashes and mechanical failures had reduced the field.

Two-time state champion Alex Stone’s race ended abruptly when his car rolled early in the first stage. Veteran and former five-time state champion John Macara made a quick getaway to win early stages but at the midway point his race was run as he was forced to retire with an electrical fault.

Dylan King

Dylan King PHOTO: Manuel Goria/ manolophotography.com.au

Meanwhile King and Hynes battled on. King was taking the major share of stage wins – but Hynes was close behind with the added comfort of a seven place championship margin in hand.

The attrition of the field was both good and bad for King. It meant he could get to the front a little easier – without fighting some of the faster drivers who had nothing to lose – but it also slimmed his championship odds – reducing the number of quick cars he needed to put the required distance between himself and Hynes.

Suddenly, things took a turn when Hynes broke his gear shifter on stage five. Hynes finished the stage in 11th and King was given new hope.

“Luckily, we were stuck in fourth gear so we could finish the stage. If it had been first or second, or even fifth or six, it might have been a different story”, said Hynes.

King did all he could, driving on to take five consecutive stage wins and outright victory in the Carrington Signs Safari Rally.

Leigh Hynes

2013 WARC Champion Leigh Hynes PHOTO: Manuel Goria/ manolophotography.com.au

With repairs made, Hynes moved back up the leader board to finish 3rd outright and with it, claim his third Western Australian Rally Championship.

“It was a very nervous day,” Hynes said. “It definitely played on my mind that we lost the Championship at the Safari in 2009 when we broke the clutch on the final stage.”

Dylan King has enjoyed a successful year, finishing second in the championship to the veteran Hynes (by 14 points). The talented young Hills driver has taken the competition by storm in his first open category season and rally fans are  already looking forward to his campaign for the 2014 championship.



















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