no phone for stoneville

Mick Fitzpatrick Stoneville

Jenny, Luke and Mick Fitzpatrick from Stoneville Liquor Store

Some frustrated Stoneville residents and business owners have been without phone and internet connections for 14 days – and counting.

Depending on whom you talk to – the disruption has been caused by ‘a shire employee cutting through the line with earth moving equipment’ or ‘flooding and water damage.’ No one seems to know.

Mick Fitzpatrick who owns and runs the Stoneville Liquor Store is taking it in his stride. “What can I do?” he says, “I can’t fix it myself.”

“The most frustrating part of it all is there’s no one here you can talk to about it”, he says.

Mr Fitzpatrick installed mobile broadband in case of bushfire – and added extra antennae during this current outage so he can still offer customers EFTPOS facilities.

“The connection is still slow, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had people lined up all the way down the driveway. We’re doing the best we can,” he says.

Next door the local Stoneville store and post office aren’t quite as lucky, without EFTPOS services for 14 days they have had to turn some customers away.

Down Richardson Road Bill Madlener works from home and relies on his internet connection to send engineering files and communicate with clients.

“Telstra told us the phone would be back on – on Friday, then it was the next Friday, then Saturday. Well, it’s Monday now and still no phone,” says Mr Madlener. “There seems little point in calling them anymore.”

Mr Fitzpatrick and Mr Madlener believe they have been speaking with call centre operators in the Philippines. “They’re polite, they want to be helpful, but they seem to have no reliable information themselves,” said Mr Madlener.

Meanwhile, Mick Fitzpatrick can’t estimate the cost. “Obviously the mobile broadband is costing us a lot more. I can’t guess as to the rest of it.” I just can’t understand why I can’t talk to anyone about it”.

“Remind the readers that Telstra will waive all line and diversion charges for the period of the disruption”, Mick added.

This week Telstra announced plans to make redundant 1100 employees.

A reader has submitted a number for Telstra Customer Complaints in Melbourne.

Terry – 0419 726 449

John – 0400 050 531

UPDATE: After 15 days, Stoneville residents report their phone connections were restored late Tuesday.


  1. any ideas who you can speak to regarding someone chopping down heaps of young jarrah trees in Beelu national park? off topic I know. we have photos

  2. youtalkintome? says:

    Telstra cables hanging slack in the creeks on Thomas Rd for yonks.they don’t care.

  3. How about all the little yellow barriers breeding all over the Hills! Some have been there for years. Do Telstra ever actually fix anything??

  4. …and I thought it was just me and Tesltra. Seems it’s everyone and Telstra!!

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