tam & nathan: new heads on the block?

firthy still 2Chidlow locals Tamara and Nathan Firth (Firthy) want their heads on The Block. They hope to be the Hills very own participants on the blockbuster Channel 9 reality renovation show.

“We  both became a bit obsessed with the show”, says Tamara. “We got hooked on The Block and it occurred to me,  ‘We could do that!'”.

Nathan works in the Hills as a carpenter and Tamara has her own home hair dressing salon so she can take care of their two young children.

“Nathan’s got the skills, I’ve got the ideas” she says. “Nathan’s pretty laid back, he usually goes along with my ideas.”

“Happy wife, happy life”, says Nathan.

Tamara and Nathan grew up in the Hills, they met at Eastern Hills High School and married 4 years ago. “Nath was very popular at school – but I thought he was a bit of a dag. Who would’ve thought 12 years later we’d be happily married with 2 lovely kids”, says Tamara.

“I guess we were childhood sweethearts”, says Nathan. “It was love at first sight”.

Nathan plays for the unbeaten Chidlow Cougars and Tamara is club treasurer and works behind the counter at home games. “It takes up all our weekends, we do it as a family and now that we’re winning there’s a really great vibe around the club” says Nathan.

Nathan thinks if they were selected for The Block they’d give it a ‘real crack’ but Tamara reckons they would go the full distance, “If we got on we’d win”, she says.

“And no, we’re not ‘Cashed Up Bogans!’ says Tamara. “Not cashed up anyway” added Nathan.

All prospective participants for The Block must provide an audition video to get to the next stage of the selection process. You can see Tamara and Nathan’s audition video here.

One Comment

  1. Hannah Morgan says:

    Wow Awesome !

    Good Luck Nathan and Tam how amazing is your video!!!
    They would be silly not to have you on the block, you would do so well!

    Hannah (Angela Daughter)

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