young hills artists win at hypervision

Madeline Tholen at Hyper Vision 8 July 2

Madeline Tholen with her award winning work ‘Feathers and Fur’ (Picture supplied)

The Hills have long been known as a haven for artists and Madeline Tholen and Monique O’Neill look likely to make their own contribution to a thriving arts community.

Madeline and Monique, both students at Eastern Hills Senior High School, have taken the major prizes in the 2013 Hypervision ‘Of me, by me’ Art Awards.

Madeline’s work, “Feathers and fur” explores the impact of human influence on the natural environment. The subject of her artwork is an imagined creature made up from endangered animals.

“The work has a dreamlike, innocent quality, while the blood dripping from above suggests a threatening presence lurks nearby. Beautiful, I’d love to see what she creates in the future”. Hypervision judge.

Growing up in and around the Hovea bush gave Madeline a connection and understanding of animals and nature. Madeline feels this work really represents who she is and how she feels about her environment.

In Monique O’Neill’s work, ‘I cried because I had no shoes’ she explores aspects in her own life through three characters representing ignorance, innocence and irrelevance.

“All the characters in the piece are representations of parts of my personality from a difficult time in my life”, says Monique.

Monique intends to put the prize money toward more arts materials including stencils and spray paints.

“I found myself always coming back to it. The contrast in the portrayal between the girl and the lack of innocence around her is evocative” Hypervision judge.

Madeline and Moniques award winning work is on public display as part of the The Hypervision Art Exhibition at Midland Gate.



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