development threatens rare cockatoos


Parkerville residents are deeply concerned a proposed housing development will destroy the breeding habitat for the Red Tailed and White Tailed Cockatoos. Both species of native bird are already considered at severe risk. The White Tailed species (Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo) is already classified ‘endangered’ while the Red Tailed Cockatoo is classified as ‘vulnerable.’

Extensive clearing of native bush in the Wheatbelt has led to a severe reduction in available nesting and feeding trees. In some cases, nesting and feeding areas are too far apart for the birds to successfully raise chicks. The original food sources for Carnaby’s black-cockatoos on the Swan Coastal Plain have been largely replaced by urban development and introduced pine plantations that form a new food source for cockatoos. However these plantations will be removed in the future, posing additional conservation problems.

Australian Dept. of Sustainability, water, Populations and Communities

Storme Reeves is one local who has taken the time to understand the precarious situation for both species and wants the impact of development on the rare birds fully considered in any decision. Storme has created a ‘Save the Red and White Tailed Cockatoos’ online petition that has gathered strong community support.
“These birds live up to 40 years old. They currently bring their young to this area to teach them where the food is, so we need to preserve it for the new generation of birds especially. Some of the trees they want to clear are over 200 years old and they say they will remedy this by planting new tree saplings…..!”
The ‘Save the red and White Tailed Cockatoos’ petition requests that the proposed development be restrained to blocks with a maximum size of 5 acres

and will be submitted to the Mundaring Shire for discussion at the Shire Council meeting at 6.30pm on July 9, 2013.
“We’re asking for all of the public able to attend, please come and show your support”, says Storme.


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