hawkes find form against cougars

chid v pick footyThe Pickering Brook Hawkes shocked footy fans and announced their arrival as premiership contenders this week with a (mostly) dominating performance over the all-conquering Chidlow Cougars.

The first quarter was even enough until the Hawkes began to increase pressure around the ball and forcing turnovers. The Hawkes dominated possession in the second quarter, first starving, then cutting completely the Cougar forwards supply line.

By the main break the Hawkes had 10 scoring shots to the Cougars 3 for the quarter and held a 14 point lead. In a low scoring contest it was significant lead.

In the third quarter the game opened up a little, forward entries were evenly split between both sides. But it was the Hawkes making more of their opportunities, kicking true to extend their lead to 23 points by the last change.

If there’s anything different about this new improved Cougar’s side, it may be their capacity resist the fade out and to play a game to the finish.

From the beginning of the 4th quarter the Cougars slowly found their way to resist the Hawkes strangling pressure around the ball. The Cougars’ disciplined, unselfish team approach came to the fore – and inch by inch they edged their way back into the match.

It was committed and gritty battle that saw the Hawke’s Harley Ferguson briefly knocked unconscious and assisted from the field.

With 5 minutes to go the Cougars came within 3 points before the lead changed, and changed again. It was a gripping last quarter, undoubtedly game of the year so far.

The final siren sounded relief for the Cougars. They knew they had miraculously escaped certain defeat. Even the most one-eyed fan (and player) knew the Hawkes controlled this match and would’ve been deserved winners.

Chidlow Cougars 14. 14 (98) def. Pickering Brook Hawkes 13.10 (88)

As seasons develop, teams are slowly, surely worked out and the Hawkes have cracked the Cougar’s code. Perhaps the Hawkes discovered that to win against the Cougars you must lock out their power forwards and beat them in the midfield.

The Hawkes form is a great development for the HFA and no one should be surprised to see them go all the way.
























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