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Picture supplied: Left to right: Frankie Woodward, Bruce King, John Daw, Eva Marjanovic, Frank Alban, Helen Dullard, Graeme Mackay

It’s now a little less stressful, and a whole lot safer, for pedestrians and Gopher drivers to get to the other side of the  busy main drag in Mundaring. Directional turn arrows and extended cross walk timing on Great Eastern Highway now mean that pedestrians, including the nearby residents of Yallambee Village, can make their visit to the local shopping centre a simple, mundane excursion and not a risky, adrenalin charged action adventure.

Mundaring Shire Councillors, Swan Hills MP – Frank Alban, Mundaring Chamber of Commerce and the residents of Yallambeee Village joined forces to achieve the upgrades.

Below: Frank Alban’s release that announced the changes.




30 APRIL 2013


• Directional arrows now installed at Mundaring Weir & Stoneville Roads, Mundaring • Pedestrian crossing retimed for additional safety of “gopher” driving seniors

The intersection of Great Eastern Highway & Stoneville Road in Mundaring has received a significant safety boost with the installation of directional right-turn arrows and retimed pedestrian crossings for the public with extra consideration given to seniors on mobility scooters (“gophers”) from nearby Yallambee Village.

“For over twelve months members of the community, including Councilors Eva Marjanovic & John Daw together with the Mundaring Chamber of Commerce have passed on their concerns that the lack of directional arrows was a significant safety issue at this intersection,” Mr. Alban said. “At a meeting in January, the residents of Yallambee Village also highlighted the need to increase the length of pedestrian crossing times in order for them to cross safely. I’m happy to see Main Roads have tackled both these issues so quickly with such great results.”

Bruce King from Main Roads was on site to explain the process and results to all present today. A further briefing has been scheduled for the residents of Yullambee Village for May 8th.

“Together with the previously installed flashing warning lights, pedestrian crossings and safety barriers in the main thoroughfare of the Mundaring township, these directional arrows at the intersection of Mundaring Weir Road and Stoneville Road have substantially enhanced safety for both motorists and pedestrians” Mr. Alban said.

Present today: Frank Alban, MLA (Swan Hills), Bruce King and Sharon Forster (Main Roads), Helen Dullard, John Daw and Eva Marjanovic (Shire of Mundaring), local seniors Brian & Frankie Woodward and Graeme Mackay & Molly Burton (residents of Yallambee Village)

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