harry’s war: lions (15.11) over saints (9.14)

Harry Phelan 54

A warm, clear day welcomed the Saints to the Lion’s Den at Mt Helena for a game anticipated to be a tight one. The Lions have a win under their belt while the Saints are still seeking their first. With both sides evenly matched, the Saints figured they were in with a chance

The Lions struggled to field a full team and with only a single, lonely reserve on the bench it looked like they may be in for a long day.

No one remembers exactly how many games 54 year old veteran Harry Phelan’s played, but it’s easily over 200. Harry pulled on the boots like he always does when he’s needed. He went on to set up some goals and last the full game. He had to.

L v S r4

The first quarter was a pretty even contest and featured some good running by nimble number 49, Kane Jeffrey. By the first break there were only a couple of kicks in it. Lions 4.6 lead the Saints 3.1.l v s mark

When a player went down early in the first quarter, fiery Steve Vuillermin was drafted from behind the Mt Helena bar and as soon as a runner returned with his boots, Vuillermin was on the field too.

Into the 2nd quarter, the Lions added two early goals. Then, some solid short passes (combined with some  poor Lions defensive marking) had the Saints answer with two goals of their own.

A soft free kick in front of goal had Lion’s skipper Michael Hine grab another six points, while Saint’s Dale Keenan’s exhilarating 5 bounce run at the other end, finished with an anti-climactic point.

By half time the Lions 7.7 (49) had extended their slender lead over the Saints 5.7 (37) by a single point and the game was still for the taking.

At the main break Saint’s coach Darryl Crotty reminded his team that the Lions were without reserves – that they  ‘were finished.’ The plan was to level the score quickly and then run the Lions into the ground.

The Lions had other ideas. With the opening of the third it was Mt Helena that had scored two quick goals, including a tidy team goal involving Nick Tower and finished efficiently by Justin Weaver.

When it looked like the Lions were about to break the game open – the Saints fought back. Big Ben Bonomi provided an immoveable target in the drop zone and added two goals. By the last change the Lions 11.9 (75) had slipped the leash little and increased their lead over the Saints 8.9 (57).

The Lions were expected to fade in the last quarter, but they looked more feisty than ever.  Mt Helena smalls, Luke Eley and Kane Jeffrey, ran amok.

The Saints peppered their goals with shots but could only accumulate points. When the Lions broke out, they mustered the energy to move the ball quickly to the opposite end for a major. That was probably the end for the Saints right there.

Bullsbrook had their chances, but it was the Lions that showed the grit to fight it out for the win. It was a competitive encounter that kept both sets of fans happy.

Congratulations to Harry and the Mt Helena Lions.

In other games:

Chidlow  35.15 (227) def. Wundowie 1.1 (7)

Gidgeganup 20.10 (130) def. Mundaring 13.10 (88)

Pickering Brook 38.27 (255) def. Forrestfield 3.2 (20)

Next weeks fixtures

l v s r3 run



1 Chidlow Football Club 4 4 0 0 0 0 751 136 552.21 16
2 Gidgegannup Football Club 4 4 0 0 0 0 650 189 343.92 16
3 Pickering Brook Football Club 4 2 2 0 0 0 559 336 166.37 8
4 Mundaring Football Club 4 2 2 0 0 0 405 432 93.75 8
5 Mt Helena Football Club 4 2 2 0 0 0 354 470 75.32 8
6 Wundowie Football Club 4 1 3 0 0 0 232 586 39.59 4
7 Bullsbrook Football Club 3 0 3 0 0 0 143 400 35.75 0
8 Forrestfield Football Club 3 0 3 0 0 0 62 607 10.21 0

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