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Mal +car

Darlington local Malcolm McNabb lives in Dalry Road amongst a collection of exotic cars [Mercs, BMWs, a Pontiac and a 1950 Jaguar], antique stoves and water tanks, a mix of lamps and lighting, a giant and historic flag pole, radiograms, a single channel television set [BBC 1 only] and much, much more.

But Malcolm’s amazing trove is a story for another day.

Malcolm is part of the Dalry Road East Bushfire Ready Group phone tree. What’s a phone tree?

A phone tree is a kind of ‘neighbourhood watch’ for bushfire, a network of neighbours, residents and property owners who share a register of contact numbers, emails, fire plans, pet lists and hose locations.

Mal + telly

Malcolm McNab with his single channel BBC 1 only television

The Dalry Road East Bushfire Ready phone tree started when Darlington sculptor David Jones suggested people in the street exchange information and details so residents could  keep an eye out for each other in case of fire. When a fire is detected, information and updates [fire location, road blocks, wind direction etc] are shared by phone, text and email.

There are other phone trees in Darlington and the concept is slowly being adopted throughout the Hills.

When the recent Glen Forrest fire began heading in the Darlington direction, word went out via the phone tree and fire plans enacted.

Malcolm wrote an account of his experience that day and he has given permission to republish his report here. As well including some interesting and useful information, it’s an account that will probably resonate for many Hills residents. If you’ve seen Malcolm’s collection – it’s easy to see why he would want to protect it.

You can read Malcolm’s report here.

If you would like some more information on setting up your own phone tree you can contact Malcolm at malcolm.mcnabb@bigpond.com.

Darlington Bushfire Ready Group


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