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GF Fire Mark Jeans &

Mark Jeans & Shaun Woods immediately after saving a Glen Forrest resident’s home

[VIDEO] Glen Forrest volunteer fire fighters, Mark Jeans and Shaun Woods, could be as brave as they are modest. The duo were first to the fire front and encountered an elderly resident struggling on his own to fight flames 15 – 20 metres high as fire encircled his home.

“The fire was right up there when we got there,” said Mark Jeans describing the scene, “At one point we were fully engulfed and had to jump back in the truck”.

Up to 150 Volunteer and Professional fire fighters defended homes and property against the fire. They were supported by two fixed wing fire bombers, three helitacs and the massive aircrane.  The fire is believed to have started on Hardey Road in Glen Forrest, although the cause is still unknown.

“There were 15 to 20 metre flames going right around either side of us and the house. There was an old bloke up there and we managed to save that house”, said a relieved Shaun Woods. “It was really hot at one stage, we had to hide behind the house squirting water [on ourselves] because the heat was so intense.”

The resident was “quite relieved” by the time Mark and Shaun left. “He had his own fire pump and fire fighting system there and we got that up and running for him too.”

“He had his own sprinkler system that helped a lot too”, added Shaun.

Mark and Shaun are just two of the 150 fire fighters who were tasked to defend lives and properties today.

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  1. Some situations let you focus, take stock and appreciate the courage, community spirit and commitment that these guys show.

    A big thank you to all the firefighters.

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