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Riding the ‘Corkscrew’ of Mount Adelaide in Albany

[VIDEO] Triathlete Corin Groenveld will hit the Albany surf at Middelton Beach this Saturday to compete in the inaugural Trek ‘Albany Half’ Ironman. The bracing 2 kilometre ocean swim is just for starters, a refreshing wake up call for your 90 kilometre bike ride up over Mt Adelaide, out along the winding, windy coast – and back. Then there’s just time enough for ‘afters’, a 20 kilometre run around the bay’s talcum powdered beaches to Emu Point – and back.

Feeling tired?

You won’t be after you hear Corin enthuse about the fun and satisfaction of being able to meet a personal challenge and feel the benefits this ‘painful’ sport can have on your sense of well being. When you do you might feel inspired too.

The 22 year old physiotherapy student discovered the rush of triathlon a year ago and now he can’t get enough of it. The ‘Albany Half’ will be Corin’s 5th triathlon in less than 12 months, then there is the Australia Day Triathlon to look forward to in 3 weeks.   “I love the physical and mental challenge of pushing yourself and  I find the discipline of training really useful in other areas in my life” says Corin. “I find a freedom in it.”

“The Hills are great for training. I love running the trails – it’s beautiful. It’s a good leg work out too!”

Swim 2km, ride 90km, run 20km. Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that? According to Corin you can. ‘There was an eighty year old guy in one event I did. As he finished the crowd really got behind him. I found him inspiring.”

Corin’s dad Reijer must think so too. He’ll be joining Corin for the Australia Day Triathlon.

Corin Groenveld at Middleton Beach Albany

Corin Groenveld at Middleton Beach Albany

Corin and another 500 (or so) competitors sprint for the water in the Albany Half Ironman at around 7:00am.

Check back for results and a video of Corin’s race.

Info and results here: Albany Half



Having an iron will doesn’t mean you have a cast iron stomach. After all the training, planning, preparation and travel, Corin was flattened before the race start with his own personal ‘Salmon Linguine’ food poisoning horror story.

Corin’s bike was left lonely in the transition racks.

It was a terrible disappointment for Corin and for his family and supporters who were here from Canberra, Perth and the Netherlands to see him compete.

“I’m disappointed but these things happen I guess” he said keeping a triathlete’s perspective. “I’ll be back better and stronger for Busso!”



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  1. Go Corin!!

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