update: saved from demolition?

In August this year the Mundaring Shire released new plans to demolish the Chidlow, Mahogany Creek and Greenmount community halls. This brought swift reaction from outraged residents who had fought, and seemingly won, the same battle four years earlier. Mundaring Shire rationale for demoltion hinged on mainly on maintenance and running costs. However, hall users remain cynical about MSC figures.

A video of the first [sometimes fiery] Save the Halls meeting can be seen here:

5 months later there seems something of a freeze on the ‘disposal’ of the iconic buildings. However, there is no telling if the reprieve is permanent. Jo Hallam, Save the Halls campaign organiser says a proposal has now been submitted to the Shire requesting that management of the Chidlow Hall be transferred to the community group to run. Under the proposal, ownership of the hall will be retained by the Shire. Ms Hallam says Mundaring Shire are yet to respond.

Meanwhile, The National Trust are also working on a management plan for the hall.

“We recognise that there aren’t many historical buildings left in the Mundaring Shire, especially buildings owned by us through the shire. We know they are an attraction for tourists and are also enjoyed by locals. We’re wanting to to broaden our scope beyond just halls. We want to begin to encompass and protect all remaining historical shire buildings. We don’t want to have to continually fight this battle ”

‘Whatever happens,” says Jo Hallam, “We’re not going away, we’ll work with the Shire but we will not give up our hall.”

Some interesting history can be found on the Save the Halls website and onFacebook.

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